Fisheries dept to procure satellite images to aid better pisciculture

The department is planning to procure latest and most advanced satellite images through which the fisheries department officials will be able to assess the condition of various water bodies across the state. Water quality mapping is an important factor in the production of fishes. An increase in fish production depends on the water quality. A host of parameters such as dissolved oxygen content in water, chlorophyll, water turbidity, water depth etc play a role.

 Some of these parameters can be estimated from multispectral satellite images. A study was carried out on an experimental basis at Chakda Block in Nadia district to estimate these parameters using WV-II multispectral satellite image. The data were being verified through analysing water samples. 

But the real condition of water did not immerge as the WV-II data taken for sample verification was relatively old. For a conclusive evidence test the department has to procure the current satellite data which will provide the exact contents of a particular water body. A senior official at the fisheries department said that they are contemplating to take help of the current and advanced satellite images to determine the water contents in all the water bodies of the state. This will help the department to understand the nature and quality of each water body and aid in a better fish cultivation. 

“It is now on a planning stage. We are considering all the matters relating to the project. Once the project gets started we will be able to determine water quality of each water body through analysing the satellite images sitting here in the city. It will help us to develop a comprehensive date on all water bodies and help us understand which of them can be used for pisciculture,” a senior official of the department said.

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