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Fisheries Department launches new schemes to promote fish cultivation

To increase the production of around 40 species of different fishes which are on the verge of extinction, the State Fisheries Department has taken up an elaborate scheme.

The Fisheries department has already started the artificial production of fingerlings at a laboratory in Kalyani. The fingerlings were later released in various water bodies owned by the state government organisations. The main purpose of the scheme was to revive the production of various fishes that are on the verge of extinction.

The scheme will soon be launched in various districts. According to a senior official of the Fisheries department, around 15 water bodies have been identified in various districts. Ponds are being reformed under the ‘Jal Dhoro, Jal Bhoro’. District fisheries department officials have been asked to release fingerlings. After carrying out a detail survey, the department has made a list of various fishes including Mourala, Sarputi, Magur, Koi, Bagda Chingri, Choto Chingri, Nadosh, Kholshe, Bele, Koibhola. The district fisheries department officials have been asked to ensure that the scheme is given a special attention so that the fishes can be cultivated in various ponds and other water bodies.  
According to the experts, the fishes are dying in large number in the ponds due to excessive use of insecticides and chemicals. Water scarcity due to less rainfall also contributes to the death of fishes. Shrubs, potential foods for the fishes, are also vanishing gradually.

It is worth mentioning that state Fisheries department had already taken up a bunch of new initiatives to promote pisciculture in the state. 

The department has maped all water bodies in the state. The government has announced new schemes to encourage unemployed youth to take part in fish cultivation. They will be provided with loan for starting up a new venture.
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