First-hand witness narrates tale of rescuing people

“I was quite nervous to cut a portion of a girder when a man with blood all over his body trapped under it was writhing in pain in front of my eyes,” said, mechanic Hossain Ali who plunged into the rescue work after witnessing the devastating incident.

Ali runs a wielding shop in the vicinity. He was one of the hundreds of local people who came running from his shop hearing the loud sound and found that many got trapped under the girders. Within minutes policemen from Burabazar and North Port police stations reached the spot.

Policemen were busy contacting the control room and senior officers while Ali initiated rescue works along with some other youth from the area. Realising that it was difficult to bring the trapped people who could be seen from outside without cutting some portions of the girders, he went to his shop and brought the gas cutting machine with help of some other youth.

Without wasting time he started cutting a portion of a girder under which a person was trapped. The person was writhing in pain and Ali found him fainting gradually. Before he managed to cut the portion hundreds of policemen and disaster management group (DMG) reached the spot. The DMG personnel dragged out the trapped man as soon as Ali cut the portion of the girder. Recollecting the moment, Ali later said: “He was bleeding profusely as the lower part of his body was stuck under the girder. He was trying desperately to come out. He fell unconscious till I had managed to cut the portion of the girder and the DMG personnel dragged him out. Both of his legs were severely injured and there were injuries on his head and upper part of his body.” He helped in bringing out another man alive.

As soon as the man was rescued the police asked Ali to carry out the same task where another aged person was trapped. The person’s entire body was under the girder and blood was found flowing from under it. He was taken to hospital after being rescued with Ali cutting another portion of the girder using his gas cutting machine.  
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