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Fire inside building under-construction injures 12 persons

Twelve persons were injured when a fire broke out in a three-storeyed under-construction building on Motishil Street at Entally on Monday afternoon.

Preliminary investigation revealed that explosion of a cooking gas cylinder led to the fire. Though it was an under-construction building, some people had started staying in its ground floor and they got injured while trying to rush out of the house in a hurry when the fire broke out.

The incident led to panic in the congested areas where Loreto Convent School is also situated. Students in the school were also panicked. But the situation was brought under control by the firefighters before things turned ugly. The firefighters had faced trouble in reaching the spot as the building is situated in a narrow lane.

A senior officer of the state fire and emergency services department said that local people heard a loud sound and then found dark smoke billowing out of the ground floor of the building. They informed the firefighters without losing any time and had initiated rescue work.

For certain reasons, the fire spread fast and the labourers who were working in the under-construction second floor had found no way to reach a safe place. Thus some of them had jumped off from the second floor on the adjacent road and got injured.

Rest of the workers tried to come out using the stairs. Both labourers and the ones staying in the ground floor rooms tried to rush out through a narrow space that was not engulfed by the fire. While doing so, they fell over each other and got severely injured.

Though they had somehow managed to come out of the building, they were not in a condition to walk properly. They were taken to a hospital in a vehicle of the state fire and emergency services department as there was no ambulance available right at that moment.

Local people protested against the delay by the firefighters in reaching the spot. Debasmita Das, Deputy Commissioner Eastern Suburban Division, went to the spot and brought the situation under control.
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