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Fire cracker factory explosion injures three

An explosion at a fire cracker factory at Egra of East Midnapore led to three labourers being severely injured. The injured were taken to SSKM hospital on Wednesday evening. Police said that some 
people were running a fire cracker factory in Kamardihi area of Egra. “They were illegally running the factory as they do not have any permission for it. On Tuesday night, the locals heard a huge sound of explosion. They rushed to the spot and saw that fire had engulfed the factory,” said a police officer. 

The locals started the rescue work and they recovered a minor boy from the spot. The local residents also recovered three others who were trapped inside the building. The injured were sent to a local hospital.

On Wednesday, police arrested three people on the connection to this case. “Gopal Das, Laltu Das 
and Gikul Manna were booked from Kamardihi area. They do not have any license to make fire crackers. But they were doing it to sell in the local market. The local puja committees which had organised Ganesh Puja, bought fire crackers from that factory,” said the investigating officer.

A school which was just beside the fire cracker factory was also damaged by the explosion.
“It is a NGO-run school as many children from this area study there. It is really unfortunate that the school was partly damaged by the fire. We will move to the MLA of this Assembly constituency to do something to repair the school,” said some local residents.
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