Fire breaks out at Infinity building in Salt Lake Sector V

Fire breaks out at Infinity building in Salt Lake Sector V
A fire broke out at Infinity Benchmark building at Salt Lake’s Sector-V early on Wednesday morning. Seven fire engines doused the flames after struggling for nearly three hours.

Around 06.40 am, while several employees of a private IT company on the sixth floor of the building were towards the end of their night shift, they experienced breathlessness and uneasiness. Soon dark smoke engulfed the entire floor and it was only then that the employees and the security guards noticed smoke billowing out from the corridor. 

They ran out of the building and called up the fire services. Some employees alleged that they did not hear any fire alarm, although the company claims that fire safety measures are in place.

The fire soon spread to some areas in the seventh floor of the building. The Infinity Benchmark building houses several IT companies.

Firemen had to use sky ladder to reach the fire ravaged floor and had to break the glass panes to let the smoke out. Thereafter, the process of controlling the flames began.

Large number of computers and electronic materials have been destroyed in the fire. Preliminary reports by the fire officials hinted at a short-circuit in air conditioner installed in the server room of Amrit, a private company housed on the sixth floor, to have caused the fire.

Till the filling of this report, the entire building had been evacuated and the firemen were inspecting the building.


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