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Finding the wild flower

Finding the wild flower
He reproduced masterpieces of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea as exquisite miniature paintings in his own style. He even adopted common grasses and animals he saw on the Korean roads as subjects of his paintings. All are derived from the artistic curiosity that knows no era or boundary.

On the other hand, Park Sung Yu is a Korean artist who paints elements from Korean traditional paintings like flowers and grasses from a present day perspective. He explores wild flowers and grasses as subjects of his works which escapes the interest of the common and ordinary. Wild flowers and grasses are the existences that withstand the rough soil, overcoming extreme weather conditions. Hence, these as a subject motivate and move the artist. In his artworks, these wild flowers and grasses are displayed in a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere and reflect the inner curiosity and feelings of artist who explores deep inside the world of nature.

With the dawn of the New Year, Korean Cultural Centre India presents the art exhibition Unknown Journey by  Mahaveer Swami and Park Sung Yu, curated by Insang Song.  Both the artists practice the mordern methods of art based on the traditional art and spirit of both countries are displayed in each work. The artists from two countries will also be taking a special workshop program Tell Me Your Wish!

They explores the world of art in their own unique way. They enjoy the curiosity and spirit that comes along with the unknown journey they take to that world of creativity.

When: Till 28 February
Where: Korean Cultural Centre
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