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Finding a way to peace

Finding a way to peace
Art exhibition by Pooja Ratanakar displaying beautiful collection of water colours on birds and naturescapes that offer a calming hiatus from city life is being hosted by Café Turtle in the Capital.

Ratnakar believes that unless the mind is still, it cannot find peace. The world she paints is one that has been stripped down to its bare bones. It is minimalistic and spare, so her birds are suspended in mid-air. Her figures take the centre stage without any distractions of context. Her seascapes are calm and uncluttered; the stillness of the watery landscape seems to wash away all the chaos of the perceived world.

The artist is best known for her unusual Potli craft kits that have introduced legions of young children to Indian handicraft. The co-founder of Potli and the Kolkata-based NGO, Kadam, which works towards capacity building of indigenous craft skills in villages, she has worked extensively in the craft sector for the last two decades. She picked up the brush for the first time in May 2013. She could use her meditative brush to make sense of not just the world around her, but also her inner world.

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