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Finance and Commerce Ministries to join Twitter

The microblogging site, which has about 18 million users in India, is engaging with the government to help various ministries use the platform to connect with the masses.

‘We are delighted that Twitter has become a choice of communication for the government. Twitter is one of the most democratic methods of communication... Commerce and Finance Ministries will have a presence on Twitter soon,’ Twitter India Head (News, Politics and Government) Raheel Khursheed said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully used social media like Twitter and Facebook during his campaign for the Lok Sabha election earlier this year.
Since assuming office, various ministries and government offices, including the PMO, have joined the Twitter bandwagon.

Modi is also the third most followed world leader on Twitter, next only to US President Barack Obama and the Pope. He has over 5.09 million followers on the website. On Facebook too, he is the second most popular politician in the world with over 18.9 million likes on his official page.
‘The PM is on Twitter, personally as well as through PMO. Many other ministries and ministers have similar presence. Its important that the government is tuned into the platform and understands the potential of real-time reaction,’ Khurshid said.

He added that medium is public and conversational, which is an advantage.
Modi, who describes himself as an avid user of social media, had said on his Facebook page that ‘a platform such as Facebook can be used for governance and better interaction between the people and governments.
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