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Fierce and Beautiful

The unmatched entity of a complete woman, of strength, perseverance, fearlessness, determination, and yet vivacious, sensual and compassionate, the destroyer of all evil and the protector of the three worlds, the all forgiving yet inaccessible, someone who can move the sky yet be beautiful like the moon, the ever courageous and valiant, the bestower yet supreme, the passionate lover, the fond mother yet the successful lioness!!

It all started years ago when a young girl ,six years old was taught by her grandfather the ‘ashtottor satanam’ or the 108 names of durga .He said this was concentration focus and meditation of the body and mind. Durga Ashtottara Satnam is the auspicious recitation of 108 names of Devi Durga by her devotees. The various names of Devi Durga and the accompanying mantra chants are said to have the power to redeem one from all the difficulties in life. It fills one with strength to combat the vicissitudes in life.

Today, Bipasha Sen Gupta is an avid environmentalist and a self taught artist. She has travelled the length and breadth of the country and lived in the very midst of nature, that she began this artistic journey; it is not surprising, then, that nature continues to be her most important influence. “I have picked my favourite ones in my tea soaked images of the deity” she says. Her exhibition Ameyaa ‘Immeasurable’ a solo art exhibition presenting Bipasha Sen Gupta will be on display from March 19 to 22 at The Open Palm Court, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road.

On the title of the exhibition, she says “The courage to take a call, stand up for truth and to be generous enough to forgive, show empathy yet sternly weave your way. It is not easy to be Durga for she is indeed Ameyaa or The immeasurable”.

Bipasha has been paintings since she was eight years old which won her many accolades and as an artist her work has been selected for UNESCO in the children’s category. While in school she started charcoal sketching and water colors. She has since then drawn and donated paintings for great events and to many NGO’s and charitable institutions raising resources for charitable cause, and worked with organizations like AWWA, Tagore Foundation, Government of Maldives, Gujarat Ecological Commission, Gujarat. She paints for a social cause specially environment related issues for she believes in “The more you give the more you receive in return - Love, blessings, joy”.  She wants the world to know through her work that it has become inevitable now that we pull up our socks and make some serious efforts to save this beautiful world we live in.

Highly influenced by the effects of Global Warming and the rapid disappearance of the Coral Reefs during her visit to the Maldives and the Andaman Islands, she realized how important it was for humankind to preserve the nature.  Year 2011 she released another series of paintings named How Blue is My Ocean? depicting the serious impact of global warming and the gradual disappearance of coral reefs which was first exhibited at the India International Center, New Delhi. She has been experimenting with various types of medium in her art, namely charcoal, water colors, acrylic and also using different techniques to form textures.  

“It is a passionate journey with mixed media thrown on canvas, experimenting with colors shapes and textures.  As my work evolves, I am seeking to deal with strong universal and environmental themes within it and weaving into them the role of imaginations and dreams. It is a constant convergence of colors, fantasies, thoughts and emotions, whereby, the palette creates a story.”

When: March 19 to 22
Where: The Open Palm Court, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road
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