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Ferrying school children in Ggn: ‘Concentration & patience play key role,’ say bus drivers

School bus drivers are entrusted with a major responsibility of safe transportation of school children, especially primary school kids.

December to January is that time of the year when fog conditions in the city and its outskirts are at its peak. This poses a huge hindrance for motorists and those bus drivers responsible for ferrying schoolchildren in Delhi-NCR areas. Not only do the drivers have to be cautious while they ferry the school kids, they also have to ensure that they  reach school on time.

As the visibility due to foggy conditions lower down to as low as 50 meters, most of the school bus drivers highlight that there are major difficulties faced by them in transporting the schoolchildren. The drivers not only have to maintain their calm in driving through rash traffic of the city but also have to be patient with the noise created inside the bus by talkative school kids. There are many Gurgaon school students who study in Delhi’s schools and therefore, have to start early from their homes. This further adds to the responsibility of the bus drivers who have to travel long distances under precarious conditions. To ensure that there is safety for the school children, most of the private schools in Delhi–NCR have bought their own school buses which are equipped with fog lights, speed governors and even CCTVs. The drivers, however, admit that ultimately it is the concentration and patience that plays the key role. 

Jaiveer, who is a driver for Summer Fields School, Gurugram, says: “I have a major responsibility of transporting 40 school kids. The students have to be transported at the school gate at around 7:30 pm. I, therefore, have to be very careful when the visibility levels are low. I believe the major reason why accidents happen is because people are always in hurry to reach their destination.” 
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