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Feline burglar’s underwear fetish prompts owner to post FB apology

The six-year-old feline has been terrorising the streets of Hamilton for the past two months by trespassing her neighbours’ homes at night and decamping with their underwear and socks.

The cat named Brigit, who has cases of stealing underpants in the past also, has more than a dozen colourful boxer briefs and around 60 single socks, reported.

The burglary came to light when her owner Sarah Nathan started packing her house to move.

“I pulled out the bag of stuff (the cat) had collected and thought, oh God, I wonder who these belong to?

“She did this when we lived in Beerescourt and our neighbours hated us for it,” Nathan said.

Nathan put notes in letterboxes in her suburb and then posted an advertisement online along with a photo of the cat burglar in question and her ill-gotten gains. She has also distributed flyers on her street and posted on Facebook.

She said Brigit sometimes puts her booty on her bed or in a pile next to the bed.

“Are you missing underwear? We have discovered that our cat has stolen a large amount of men’s underpants and socks from a neighbour. If it is you, we are very sorry. 

We have them here and we can return them. You’ll be pleased to know we are moving....Please call or text Sarah,” the advertisement reads.
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