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Women's Day celebrated at KVIC

 Team MP |  2018-03-08 14:39:33.0

Womens Day celebrated at KVIC

Amid much fervour and gaiety, the Women's Day was celebrated at Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Rajghat, New Delhi, on Thursday.
Addressing the function, KVIC Chairman, Vinai Kumar Saxena said that Khadi can be the ideal medium of women empowerment in modern India. "Khadi and Charkha are the testimonials of communal and social harmony from the time immemorial, without differentiating on caste, creed, sex or religion. We must not forget that it was none other than a woman (Gangaben), who first gifted Charkha to Mahatma Gandhi – who used this gift as a tool of self-reliance and freedom from British Raj," he said, adding, "Now, the time has come that women should come up to play a vital role in economic transformation of India through Khadi. Development and eradication of social evils will remain a mirage without the active participation of women in the society."
Meenal Mishra extended vote of thanks on behalf of women employees of KVIC stating that it is a matter of pride that the posts of CEO and Financial advisor are being chaired by women in KVIC. KVIC Deputy CEO Satya Narayana was also present on this occasion.
Earlier, the women were also welcomed by rose and handkerchief (made by terrorism-infested families of Jammu and Kashmir).

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