"White Noise": A Dark Romance

Written by Shruti Upadhaya, the story revolves around an “unnamed” female protagonist, who loses her sanity by a man .

White Noise:   A Dark Romance
Delhi welcomed another passionate author, Shruti Upadhaya, who released her first book titled 'White Noise', recently. The 143 page psychological thriller contains an element of dark romance which turns darker and mysterious subsequently. In a conversation with the Delhi based author, Devpriya Roy, who garnered applauses for her novel 'The heat and Dust', Shruti unraveled some interesting facts about the characters, her experience while writing the novel and much more.
The story majorly revolves around the female protagonist, a dreamer, readily giving into the man and leaving herself at his peril even as it destroys her mental sanity little by little. The first part of the book is narrated from the point of view of the girl. Throwing light on the process of writing her first novel, Upadhaya says, "When I start writing something, I need to know how I am going to end it. Same was the case with 'White Noise'. The day I wrote my first paragraph for the book, was the day I actually wrote the last paragraph in my mind," explained Shruti, who always had a flair for writing.
Another unique aspect about the book is that neither the names of characters nor the physical setting is mentioned in the book as the author believes that these events could happen to anyone, anywhere. Commenting on the same, Shruti, a journalist turned author, says, "When I was eight chapters into the book, I realized that I haven't used any names. It's strange because I have never done that before. Every time I write a story, just like the climax, I consciously decide the names of the characters. But, with 'White Noise', perhaps I didn't feel the need of assigning names to the characters."
Towards the second part, the voice of an omniscient narrator gives us a neutral insight into the plot. Post which, the plot takes a sudden turn with a secret being revealed- one that lies at the very heart of this liaison.
Talking about her experience, author who felt deeply connected with the characters says, "The experience of 'White Noise' was nothing like anything I'd written before. I often say, I didn't write the 'White Noise', it happened to me. Once I started to write, it began to flow in the most organic way. After a while, I stopped controlling the characters, and soon saw them coming to life. There was a time when I actually took a back seat to see my characters taking the story ahead."
The book is a rollercoaster for the readers as the chapters take swerves from one revelation to another.

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