What women from Delhi-NCR order most online?

What women from Delhi-NCR order most online?

Online shopping is a continuously growing trend in India and the numbers of both sellers and buyers are increasing daily by whopping percentages. Without anyone's surprise, women are the most active online shoppers for groceries and they are far more likely to seek information, entertainment and advice 'on the go'!

Experts share insights on the product categories which are popular among female customers in Delhi-NCR.

4Grocery: Women in Delhi-NCR never want to run short of daily use items like atta, rice, pulses, salt, sugar, cooking oil, spices, and toiletries. The key reason behind ordering these items online is its availability at a lesser price compared

to super markets, every day. A website for daily utilities has over 400,000 users shopping only from this category, every month.

4Baby care products: The new mothers of Delhi-NCR are fond of online shopping too! Baby care items are one of the high selling product categories and products like baby soaps, talcum powders, creams, oils and diapers are ordered extensively on the online grocery platform and contribute to a 50 per cent retention on the platform.

4Home decor items: Love of decorating their homes is an inseparable part of any woman. Women online shoppers of Delhi-NCR love to brighten up their home by ordering drapes, cushion covers, table mats, rugs, carpets and wall-hangings.

4Experimentative: Women are more likely to be experimentative with their food choices according to the ongoing trends. An uptake of international cuisines such as Lebanese, European, Mediterranean, Mexican and others by women consumers is observed.

4Satiating their sweet tooth: Ice creams, shakes and smoothies are picking up as a category among women with about 15 per cent increase.

4Health conscious: Women are as health conscious today as the men who order food online. Both men and women are at par when it comes to searching for and ordering healthy bites on the platform.

4Early Dinner: Women users generally order their dinners earlier than the men. Around 20 per cent spike in the orders placed by women between 7 and 8.30 pm is observed.

4Shoppers from Connaught Place and Greater Kailash region in New Delhi are fond of chocolate. Most of the order are for Choco Mocha Pudding and Chocolate Cakes. No wonder women like chocolate the most!

4Shoppers from South Delhi, especially Green Park and Amar Colony region, tend to show their love for new age dessert and seasonal flavours like Banoffee Pies and other cakes like Red Velvet, Tiramisu and others.



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