Ways to eat healthy while travelling

Ways to eat healthy while travelling
While travelling, you often tend to binge on unhealthy snacks. You can remain healthy by eating nuts and dried fruits, canned fish, peanut butter and anything local in small potions, suggest experts.
Experts including chefs have listed a few tips on healthy snacking:
Carry a stainless-steel water bottle for water. When dehydrated, especially while flying, we tend to confuse being thirsty with hunger pangs. It's extremely important to stay hydrated during the flight.
Try to drink two litres of water and stay away from tea and coffee. Don't stop once you have landed. It is essential that you keep up the fluid intake over the next few days. Pack some herbal tea bags and ask your flight attendant for some boiling water or simply ask for some freshly sliced lemon and ginger.
Take fresh nuts and dried fruits, canned fish, peanut butter, and anything local and healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be cut up in your room and dunked in some hummus or any local dip. Carrots, cucumbers, capsicums, and unsweetened almond milk can be eaten anytime.
If you need a chocolate fix, buy some 70-85 per cent dark chocolate.
Limit alcohol intake. It has calories and it dehydrates, so stay within your limits.
Opt for ginger and peppermint tea as it aids digestion and great immune booster. Chamomile helps you calm and lemon and ginger act as a cleansers and immune boosters.
Consuming healthy snacks at the right time and in the right proportion is the key to getting the most from your snacking habits. It's better to eat small portions from a plate or bowl than snack directly out of a box or bag.


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