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Ushering in Nava Varsha 2075

Ushering in Nava Varsha 2075
Welcoming the Nava Varsha i.e. India New year 2075, the Indira Gandhi National Center for arts (IGNCA) organised a two-day cultural program to celebrate the 'Bhartiya Navsanvatsar' 2075, beginning March 18. According to the Hindu calendar, the name of this new year will be 'Virodhkrut'.
During this two-day celebration, IGNCA presented a line-up of folk music of two provinces and an Indian classical music program. Under the folklore 'Sanjari-Ek Bharat Bharat Bharat' series, folk songs from Odisha and Maharashtra and a series of 'Bhinn shadas'– based on an Indian classical music – were performed.
In an endeavour to promote India's disappearing folk music, IGNCA has been successfully organizing the 'Sanjari-Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat' series every month from its 30th Foundation Day.
The centre has made sure to present the art in its original form so that folk music can maintain its existence and reach the new generation in its true form.
The centre has so far organized three successful Sanjari programs, in which the folk artists of Arunachal, Bihar, and Rajasthan enthralled the audience with their performances.
The opening of this two-day event took place with the fifth series of 'Sanjari: Ek Bharat- Shrestha Bharat'. Padmani Dora presented her folk songs in genres like Malleshwari, Dhap, Chandra Sinha, and Bajenia. Also, Padmani and her team presented their performance in the Malleshwari style, after which they showcased the love of Radha-Krishna in shringar-ras through the Bajia style.
On the occasion, folk singer Padmani Dora said, "It is my good fortune that the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts gave us the opportunity to present Sambalpuri folk songs of Orissa in the country's Capital. Our languages ​​will be different and beyond your understanding, but the passion, fame, and musical ability of folk songs will surely force you to jazz up and dance."
The second season of the program commenced through the 'Bhinn shadaz' series, in which the singer from Banaras Gharana Sunanda Sharma sang to entertain the audience.
On the second day, IGNCA organized the series of 'Sanjari: EK Bharat- Shresth Bharat' in which the folk artist of Maharashtra, Professor Chandaneshiv with his team presented the folk songs of Maharashtra, which includes Abhang, Gan Gaulan, Bhajan, Gondhal, Laavanee Kee Baithak, Bhaarud aur Puvaade.
Professor Chandneshiv and the team started with the presentation Abhang, in which they sang the devotional song to Lord Vittal Kaka. This was followed by Ghaushal method drama.
Professor Chandni Shiva and Dal also made a presentation of Lavani, a popular folk drama of Maharashtra which is full of shringar ras. Puwad, another famous folk song of Maharashtra in which Sahirs sing songs of heroic deeds for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was performed.
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