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Treat you taste buds

Treat you taste buds

Bhang ke pakore


Gram Flour 250 gm

Salt 15 gm

Turmeric Powder 10 gm

Chilli Powder 5 gm

Chat Masala 10 gm

Bhang Paste 3 tsp

Spinach 700 gm

Refine oil (for frying) 1 l


Properly wash the spinach leaves and collect in a mixing bowl.

Add rest of the ingredients (mentioned above)and mix well sprinkling water with hand.

Mix until the spinach leaves are properly coated with gram flour.

Now, heat the refine oil in pan.

Shape it to deep fry until it turns golden in colour and then sprinkle the chat masala on top.

Once done, you can serve it hot with mint chutney.

(Courtesy: Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef The Imperial, New Delhi)

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