This Valentine's Day, woo your partner with these offbeat ideas…

This Valentines Day, woo your partner with these offbeat ideas…
On this Valentine's day, take your spouse or partner on a long drive, preferably on a bike. Go to the Rajarhat Eco Park, the swanky chunk of greenery and hangout that could give you a day's breather from the madding crowd of a mall or a theatre. Soak in the serenity of nature as you enjoy a cozy meal at Cafe Ekante on the island. Then watch the seven wonders of the world, including the Taj. You can paddle around or go kayaking if you enjoy watersports. Smell the roses in the rose garden, stroll around the butterfly garden or the tea garden or enjoy the handicrafts at the Mask garden before you hit the road after a day savouring the great outdoors.
Dinner for friendly couples:
If you want to have a great Valentine's Day and spread some joy amongst friends too, invite your favourite friends over – the couples specifically – and enjoy a nice dinner and adda session. Jazz up things with a bottle of your favourite wine and cake. Ask a friend who still sings to be your DJ for the night and turn on the heat with some groovy music. A selection of eternal love songs would set the mood for some close dancing as well. Ask your partner to dance to her favourite numbers. Dance with your single friend too to spread cheer. Small heart-shaped gifts like key chains, candles, pendants, and cufflinks could be nice mementos for your guests.
Romance on a tram:
If you've seen the Vivek Oberoi – Kareena Kapoor starrer Yuva you know just what we mean. A long lazy tram ride on a slightly warm February day may be just what your partner would cherish for years to come. buy plenty of nibbles – juice, tiny sandwiches, sausages, strawberries, yummy cupcakes – to munch along. Drop off at one of the ghats for a scoop of delicious ice cream and spend the evening watching the sun go down on the river. boats passing by and the balmy breeze may just be the serenity your partner wants to soak in on a day like this. Really romantic stuff, this one.
A trip to Raichak:
Drive down to the Ganges for a glimpse of the silvery river and some freshly cooked Hilsa. About a couple of hours drive from the city, Raichak offers a relaxing break. The Ffort Radisson is where you can park for some good lunch and rest and then spend the rest of the time cruising or sightseeing.
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