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Theatre festival continues to entertain audience in Delhi

Theatre festival continues to entertain audience in Delhi

The ongoing 21-day long theatre festival by National School of Drama has united the residents and tourists along with curious passers-by. Each day, a jam-packed audience is watching plays at different auditoriums – including Kamani, LTG, Shri Ram Centre, spread across the Capital city. Four plays are scheduled to be staged on February 12. Take a look...

Taj Mahal ka Tender

Shri Ram Centre 4.00 pm

Playwright: Ajay Shukla

Direction: Chittaranjan Tripathi

Group: NSD Repertory Company, Delhi

Language: Hindi

Duration: 2 hrs and 20 mins.


LTG 5.30 pm

Playwright and Director: Nalini Nihar Nayak

Group: New Quest Repertory, Rourkela

Language: Odia

Duration: 1 hr 40 mins


Kamani 7.00 pm

Playwright: Anton Chekhov

Director: Rose Schwietz

Group: One World Theatre, Nepal

Language: English

Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins


Abhimanch 8.30 pm

Playwright: Ota Shogo

Director: Apoorva

Group: NSD Diploma Production, New Delhi

Language: Hindi

Duration: 1 hr

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