The Magic of Piano

Pianist Dinara Klinton surprised the audience in Delhi with live performance of the internationally acclaimed film concert.

The Magic of  Piano

'Cinema-in Concert' is an interesting screening of a film where every scene is synched with live music on stage – giving audiences a new cinematic experience.

The beautiful imagination of such a combination came into reality when the ace pianist Dinara Klinton from London, surprised the audience in Delhi with the live performance of the internationally acclaimed film concert 'Magic Piano and The Chopin Shorts'.

This was part of the 'Cinema in Concert' countrywide tour, planned and executed by Showhouse.

'The Chopin Shorts' are four short cartoons made in a different technique, based on Chopin Etudes like 'Plink!' which tells about how a birth of a child can expand an artist's vision; 'Papa's Boy' – story of a son who didn't want to take a path that his father chose for him, but decided to do what he was passionate about; 'Hamster's Heaven', a cute love story with a happy end and finally, 'Fat Hamster' which is a humorous story of what not disciplining oneself can lead to.

Omer Haidar, MD, Showhouse Events – is very excited to see the audience response in his production and he gives the credit to Klinton.

"The Delhi audience thoroughly enjoyed Magic Piano and it's pretty evident from the response we have received. Dinara is one of the most brilliant pianists and we really wanted to bring this show to Delhi since a very long time. Seeing Dinara recreate the magic in Delhi after her successful show in Mumbai was a delight to watch. Bengaluru and Kolkata are next on the cards," he says.

Elaborating on what 'The "Magic Piano' is, he adds, "It is a long film, which is accompanied by nine of the Chopin Etudes. It is rather a complicated story about dedication, attachment, kindness, despair and an internal personal development. A young girl that means a world to her father has to stay in Warsaw with her auntie, whilst the dad goes to work in London. The wretchedness of a girl drives her to take a long journey to meet her father, and during this journey, she transforms into a person."

Talking about the 'cinema in concert' concept, the pianist states, "It is a very unique project, appealing to a wide audience of different ages. The masterpieces – Etudes by Frederic Chopin – are played alongside the animated film created by an award-winning team 'Breakthru films'. In this concept, the listener's experience is enhanced by the visual aspect, hence no member from the audience remains untouched. And this is what differentiates it from the regular recitals."

She believes that music enhances one's perception of the virtual world and the emotions projected on the screen. Therefore, it is known that silent films were often accompanied by piano.

She says that the concept of cinema in concert is very similar, apart from the fact that in this situation the film was made around the masterpieces of Chopin.

The pianist gets inspired by everyday life situations and emotions triggered by different situations. Out of which of course, reading and visiting museums, seeing beautiful architecture and travelling the world helps the most. Having stayed and studied in London, she has also performed in some of the world's biggest concert halls like Albert Hall (London), Konzerthaus Berlin and Louvre (Paris).

Dinara thinks she is really lucky that she could be associated with this project and come to India.

Sharing her excitement, she says, "It is very rare that anyone of my profession gets to travel to India for work, so I eagerly accepted the offer. Plus, I took it as a mission to introduce Western classical music to some new audiences." Dinara, who had a successful power-packed show in Mumbai earlier this year, reveals that she had the most amazing time in Delhi. Further adding, "It has been overwhelming with the kind of response we received in Delhi. This has been my first ever visit to India and I have to say that Delhi audience has been terrific. I am now looking forward to performing in Kolkata." She is now set to perform live in Kolkata on August 5, culminating her four-city tour which begun in Mumbai.

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