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The journeys we make across countries

 Agencies |  2017-03-28 15:37:31.0  |  New Delhi

The journeys we make across countries

The cultural bridge between India and France once again found expression in entrepreneur turned writer Nidhi Dalmia's first romantic fiction novel 'Harp.' The French Ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler launched the novel at his residence on Nyaya Marg.

Set in the context of the zeitgeist and idealism of the late sixties, 'Harp' is about love, longing and coming of age. It's a heartwarming love story set mostly in Europe which offers an interesting blend of characters and takes the reader through their notable progress. Ashok, who belongs to an industrial background, wants to learn more about dairy production. He travels from India to Europe, where he meets a musician, Lauren and falls in love with her. As the story progresses, he falls in love with an Indian girl named Aparna. Moving through India, Europe and USA, Harp follows the lives of these three young people even as they engage with the cultural, sexual, student revolutions, and the music of the sixties.

The three main protagonists provide the frame of this narrative about journeys we make across countries, even as we embark on a private quest within to know ourselves better, and to seek what it is we really want from life.

Speaking about the launch, Nidhi Dalmia said, "It is truly an honor to be here and to have my book launched by Alexandre Ziegler. 'Harp' is a romantic novel which speaks a lot about travel, music and culture. The book is partly set in France, especially, Paris – The City of Love. It is fitting that it is being launched at the French Embassy Residence."

"I didn't know the story I was going to write, it came out naturally. What was fighting to get out was the urge to write and I started writing every day," said Nidhi on asking the reason of coming up with his novel.

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