The Imperial chooses planet over plastic

The Imperial chooses planet over plastic
'The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth''– Marlee Matlin perfectly sums up how we should be treating the planet. But unfortunately, the man-kind has taken all the power in its hand and started destroying the beautiful nature that resides on our planet – Earth.
Maybe that is why on every June 5, 'Environment Day' is celebrated across the globe to remind humans of their responsibilities for the planet they live in, the planet which provides them with water, food, and shelter.
Recently, on the occasion of Environment day, The Imperial New Delhi partnered with WWF-India again by pledging to give up on water wastage on Earth hour.
Speaking on the occasion, Vijay Wanchoo Sr. Executive VP and GM of The Imperial, said, 'The Imperial, New Delhi takes pride in joining hands with WWF- India again this year to beat plastic pollution with the pledge WE ARE GIVING UP TO GIVE BACK.'
'The Imperial New Delhi believes in changing for a better tomorrow and it all starts with us. We have always demonstrated a commitment to Reduce, Recycle and Re-use across the hotel and will continue to 'give up' to give back and achieve excellence beyond luxury. The no plastic campaign will help all of us to: segregate our waste, take action in responsibly disposing of plastic whether its single-use or regular use plastic, create awareness on our day to day plastic usage and eventually reduce its impact in our lives,'' he added.
As the part of this huge campaign which India is hosting this year to save our planet, the hotel chooses to recycle and responsibly dispose of plastic while giving up on plastic cutlery, crockery, packaging material, straws and single-use plastic.
Also, giving a thought on the condition of our oceans which will have more plastic than fish by 2050, the initiative aims to help #GIVEUPONPLASTIC, while The Imperial pledges to undertake one positive action that will go a long way in helping build a greener future.
In lieu of the #GIVEUP partnership with WWF India, they have made the associates and guests abreast about the importance of giving up on plastic, posters in back of the house areas and lobby areas have been placed for maximum outreach.Besides this, a floral installation art in the lobby has been created by their flower team to promote #WEGIVEUP ON PLASTIC and #BEATPLASTICPOLLUTION.

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