The delectable Cantonese brunch

Cantonese – the most cherished cuisine in the world, is part of the eight culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine.
Its prominence outside China is due to a large number of emigrants from Guangdong province. The geographical feature has a great influence on its dishes, as China connects through the world from this region.
I have always preferred Chinese cuisine as my comfort food, but talking about its royalness is mystique. It is not just a dish or amalgamation of ingredients, it is an art.
With mouth-watering surprises after every exquisite dish, Shang Palace at Shangri-La's, Eros Hotel, New Delhi is serving the best Cantonian food every Sunday.
My royal date was layered with the unfathomable five-course meal from salads, soup, delicate dim sums, signature clay pots, scrumptious barbeque specialities to the perfectly balanced desserts.
"Dim sum" which means "touching the heart" – melts like silk. Served in different forms including steamed, fried, pan-fried and baked, the dish suits vegetarian as well as non vegetarian palate with its refined flavour.
'The Forbidden City Brunch' engages the unique elements of Shang Palace – calmness, tranquillity, and humility which rendered into a simple, elegant and vibrant experience, to give a proof of its authentic Chinese roots.
Every dish was served with their own side ingredients and sauce to enhance the flavour and keep a balance of perfect taste.
One of the three speciality chefs of the hotel, Chef Ye Haijun, a Dim Sum culinary master, gave us an evidence of most loved Dim Sums in sixteen different amusing forms like 'Marinated cucumber with garlic' and 'Prawn crackling ball', made with seasonal premium ingredients to satiate both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian stomach.
Chef Kong Fanyi, an expert of Chinese barbeque, delighted my taste buds with his heart filling signature style of serving 'Peking duck rolls', 'Honey glazed BBQ Belgium pork', 'Spit-roasted cumin and dry chili lamb skewer.' Smoked eggplant skewers which arrived sizzling in a wonderfully carved pot is a must try for everyone who wants to taste the different side of the Cantonian cuisine linking Unani existence in it.
Besides these, many more items were listed on the menu which I couldn't try as my stomach was already full.
Talking about the decoration, intricate expansive interiors that include an exquisitely designed dining area, three private dining rooms for a tailored dining experience, and a large outdoor deck overlooking lush green gardens for alfresco dining, offers a heavenly dining experience in Shang Palace.
Summing up the brunch with dessert miniatures anchors your fluttering heart, with its appearance and amazing fusion of tastes will leave you in the world of Forbidden city.
Decadent Chocolate fudge, strawberry and lemongrass mousse, Baked green tea custard are the speciality of the menu which of course completed my meal perfectly.
Food is a unique identity of every civilisation and experiencing the best, is a bliss. All I can assure you with my experience is that exploring forbidden city with the treat of Cantonese cuisine is an affair, where you will be defeated by the ecstasy of its taste and become its hostage forever.
Srooti Jha

Srooti Jha

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