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Swadesh Chatterjee's journey of strengthening India-US ties

‘Chatterjee’s book is a compelling account of the role Indian-Americans play in keeping good relations’.

Swadesh Chatterjees journey of strengthening India-US ties
A book that gives an insight into the personal life of Swadesh Chatterjee, Chairman, US-India Friendship Council, as well as offers a blueprint for young immigrants raising their voice in the United States, was launched recently.
'Pawrabashey Amar Desh', written by Swadesh himself, was launched by Ronen Sen, Former Indian Ambassador to America and Bindeshwar Pathak, Indian Sociologist and Founder, Sulabh International.
When Chatterjee arrived in the United States with his wife Manjusri and their baby daughter, he had $35 in his pocket. A decade and half later, he was a successful North Carolina businessman who had helmed a company while Manjusri, his wife, thrived as a psychiatrist.
Not satisfied with simply being an immigrant success story, Chatterjee decided to give back to his adopted land, as well as to the motherland he had left behind. He took a leadership role in the burgeoning movement of Indian Americans, thereby showing a keen interest in reconciliation between the United States and India, after decades of Cold War, misunderstandings and resentments. Inspired by the model of Jewish Americans, Chatterjee helped shape this movement and its strategy, and in the process, he developed a new playbook for immigrant political empowerment.
"The idea of writing 'Pawrabashey Amar Desh' first came to me on October 8, 2008, as I sat in the East Room of the White House and witnessed President George W Bush signing the Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement between the United States and India. I wanted to share my life's journey from Sonamukhi, Bankura and talk about the ideals instilled in me for the contribution to make the US-India Civilian Nuclear Treaty a reality", said Swadesh Chatterjee.
"In this eminently readable book, Swadesh Chatterjee gives a comprehensive and compelling account of the role that Indian – Americans play in keeping India-US relations on a positive track," said Ronen Sen, Former Indian Ambassador to America.
Swadesh Chatterjee rose to prominence within the Indian American community, not only in his home state of North Carolina but also nationally. Swadesh's steadfast belief and diligence in improving US-India relations has been the driving force behind a new and more pro-India US policy.
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