'Sunder Nursery' spotlight

Sunder Nursery spotlight

Sunder Nursery, 90 acres abutting Humayun's Tomb, boasting of six World Heritage Monuments, 300 tree and plant species, a paradise garden complete with marble fountains, 80 resident bird species, amongst other attractions, has been named amongst the 100 world's greatest places of 2018 by Time Magazine.

In February 2018, Sunder Nursery was inaugurated as a city park for Delhi by the Vice President of India in the presence of Aga Khan. Since then over 200,000 people have visited here – to view the restored monuments, lush gardens, lakes and plant nursery.

Since 2007, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture following a MoU with the Central Public Works Department and Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken the development of Sunder Nursery, conservation of the monuments and the restoration of the landscape. AKTC received support from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation. The landscape architect for Sunder Nursery was the renowned, late M Shaheer.

In the first annual list of the 'World's Greatest Places', the magazine aimed at identifying 'relevant destinations that are worth experiencing' in 2018. The 100 sites were chosen on 'factors including quality, originality, innovation, sustainability, and influence'. The list of 100 'World's Greatest Places' – prepared by 'dozens of industry experts' has sites from 48 countries and includes Museums, Restaurants, Hotels, Libraries, Cultural venues, amongst others.

Only two public parks are included in the list of 100, Sunder Nursery and Moscow's Zaryadye Park.

Sunder Nursery, the fourth entry on the list, is described as, "…its hard to get away in New Delhi. But now the Indian capital offers a respite: the city's first arboretum.

Unveiled in February, the 90-acre complex is a horticulture haven with restored Mughal era monuments and water features."

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