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Sujata's attempt to discover landscapes of rare variety

Sujatas attempt to discover landscapes of rare variety

Sujata Kar Saha has charted a new course in 'discovering' landscapes of rare variety and entwining with them various moods and emotions, with superb finesse.

The strokes are free, with no lines to constrict them, yet one can feel the lines as well their edges. Colours have many shades, with variations ranging from vivid to subdued, while giving shape to a certain expression, mostly unearthing the joy of flight, and adventure. It is this adventurous nature of these painterly works, which attracts and engages us most.

We feel at times that vast vistas are being opened before us, under a clear vibrant sky, stretched to rugged terrains, plunging into shadowy chasms, sprawling wilderness that sit unfathomed, undisturbed. The forms and images speak to us intimately, by bringing the memories of the properties of nature, which we might have seen and felt at some point of time, yet now are face to face, with a nurturing quietude, a freshness and newness of their own.

Sometimes these works remind us of an evening sky where many images, forms and colours are merging and emerging vociferously, and one is tempted to call them 'skyscapes', yet we know that these are not of vaporous nature, and this is their beauty, as by viewing them we can get an essence of their expression, their poetry, which is truly shifting each time to a new domain of visual and sensual experience, refusing to settle down at one 'place'.

No one can miss the velocity and movement suggested by vigorous strokes, assembling a certain texture in the process, giving each image and colour a great variance, to ponder over.

Those who have seen the past works of Sujata, will take pleasure in these variances more, as her earlier palette was not so bold, and was not loaded with such a vivid and different variety of hues. To express herself she has chosen to be more carefree, spontaneous, this time with colours and forms alike.

This time the palette and brush of Sujata have fire and ice both, signaling he turbulences one faces in a 'flight', and calms down when they are over.

While viewing these works I was reminded of few lines from a poem by great Russian poet Boris Pasternak, titled 'The Wind' . "This is no blind and aimless rage, No urge to dare and defy; It is the anguished search for words, To sing to you a lullaby."

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