Song of the Cosmos

Witness a grandiose fluidity of abstractions as Sangeeta Gupta exhibits her collection of abstract paintings at Art Konsult.

Ad Reinhardt said it right: "It is more difficult to write or talk about the abstract painting than about any other painting because the content is not in a subject matter or story but in the actual painting activity". Falling on the same lines, Sangeeta Gupta's art delves in the translation that takes place from objects to its meanings. She does not perceive the objects as they are but how they act upon her and her responses to them.
Her artwork is a grandiose fluidity of abstractions refusing to fall into a set of objective understanding of things. Like Monet, she tries to capture the world but not as it appears in the ordinary sensual manner but as it is understood by her.
After numerous solo shows held all over India, Sangeeta's collection of paintings will be showcased at Art Konsult, Hauz Khas Village till December 20 from 11 am to 7 pm every day.
"The works of Sangeeta Gupta goes beyond the temporal physical space; it's the retinal sensation of surfaces which comes after intellectual sieving. She doesn't directly paint what she sees around herself, the forms are not describable", says Dr Aparna Roy Baliga. It is the genius of her work that tricks the spectators' mind into a plethora of images and imagination unperturbed by any external objectivity being imposed on the abstract flow of things as they are to its direct sense perceptions.
Meticulously she works with the textures derived from various forms of nature. She erases and renders, forms are done and undone on the surface. She connects the objective material world to the non-objective eternity. To her inner self and elsewhere, nature is a phenomenon that creates and destroys time and space without halt. Writing poetry is also her means of knowing nothingness. She recounts how her perceptions sometimes bring about amazing personal revelations. As a painter too she has been composing shades of colours that dissolve nature into forms and formlessness and subsequently enter the region of nothingness.
Her first solo exhibition was at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 1995. Her 26 solo shows have been held all over India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh and abroad at London, Berlin, Munich and Lahore. She has participated in more than 150 group shows in India and abroad; in national exhibitions of Lalit Kala Academy, All India Fine Arts and Craft Society and Sahitya Kala Parishad and in several art camps. Her painting has been selected by Bharat Bhavan Museum, Bhopal for their permanent collection.
She is also the recipient of 69th annual award for drawing in 1998 and 77th annual award for painting in 2005 by AIFACS, New Delhi and was also conferred Hindprabha award for Indian Women Achievers by Uttar Pradesh Mahila Manch in 1999, Udbhav Shikhar Samman 2012 by Udbhav for her achievements in the field of art and literature and was awarded "Vishwa Hindi Pracheta Alankaran" in 2013 by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Saahitya Sammelan and Utkarsh Academy.
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