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Snack hack of baked snacks

Snack hack of baked snacks

Snacking has historically been associated with poor nutritional habits but many nutritionists have spent considerable time emphasising its contribution to weight loss and overall health. Today, quality snacking is seen as a champion of health, and is a compulsory part of many diet programmes in the present time. Baked versions of your favourite snacks are a far better way of satiating that particular craving without compromising on the one thing you look forward to most: the taste.There are few things about snacks (fried snacks specifically) that many don't know.

Fried foods are high in Trans fat

Trans Fat is a fat formed when unsaturated fats go through the process of something called hydrogenation. Many fried snacks are pumped with trans fats to increase their shelf life. But while many companies make trans fats in their laboratories, hydrogenation can also take place when foods are fried. Trans fats are one of the worst fats in existence because their structure makes it hard for your body to break them down. These kinds of fats are associated with cancer.

Fried foods can contain harmful Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a highly toxic substance that can form in foods that are fried, and this is especially present in fried potato snacks like wafers. Acrylamide is formed as a result of a chemical reaction between sugars (naturally present in food) and an amino acid that goes by the name of asparagine. The presence of this substance has been linked to increasing risk including certain types of cancer.

Fried foods lead to a host of diseases

Fried food can increase your body's propensity to stored fat. Not only does this change your body's composition, but also alters your body's insulin response (hello, diabetes) and blood pressure. Fried foods not only increase your chances of having heart disease, but also strokes. (Inputs by Pooja Makhija, Clinical Nutritionist)

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