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Shortcomings of Laparoscopic surgery

Shortcomings of Laparoscopic surgery

While there are innumerable advantages of laparoscopic surgery in terms of patient outcomes, the procedure is much more difficult from the surgeon's perspective when compared to traditional surgery. The surgeon has a limited range of motion at the surgical site, resulting in a loss of dexterity.

Surgeons need to use tools to interact with tissue instead of manipulating it directly with their hands. This further adds to the difficulty in judging the amount of force being applied to tissue. The risk of damaging tissue by applying more force than necessary is also a disadvantage.

The tool endpoints move in the opposite direction to the surgeon's hands due to the pivot point. This makes laparoscopic surgery a non-intuitive motor skill which is not an easy procedure to learn.

Certain surgeries turn out better for the patient when the area to be operated can be opened up, thereby giving surgeon a clearer picture of surrounding physiology.

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