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Satiate your mid-night hunger pangs at Sheraton

Satiate your mid-night hunger pangs at Sheraton

For a nocturnal creature like me, it is not at all easy to satiate those late night hunger pangs. Though there's really no shortage of open-all-hours eateries in Delhi, finding a decent place on a weekend – which not only has an appealing ambiance but also offers a plethora of cuisines to binge on at wee hours, is quite a task. Coming to the rescue of foodies like me, 'Sheraton, New Delhi' has brought up the 'Mid-Night Buffet' at 'Delhi Pavilion', where you can gorge on the meal and satisfy your food cravings.

The 'Mid-Night Buffet' is meant for Saturdays, keeping in mind the crowd that gathers in and around the nearby mall, informed Chef Kusha Mathur, Sous Chef. "People usually spend quality time with friends and family on weekends. At the end of the day, they would look for a filling and healthy meal over the junk food offered by outside eateries, and this makes our buffet quite popular among the diners," added the chef , who believes in maintaining the authenticity of her dish.

Fancy interiors, dim lighting, and smiling faces welcomed me into the restaurant. As I absorbed the artistic and aesthetic ambiance of the restaurant, a glass of refreshing orange juice was served on my table. While I sipped my drink, a giant art piece with writings of the famous Delhi poets caught my attention. Justifying the theme of the restaurant –'Delhi Pavilion'– it was perfect fit.

Without further ado, I was served a platter of appetising starters which were truly an explosion of flavours in my mouth. Ranging from prawns to chicken, every delicacy was a treat to my taste buds, except the lamb – which could have been cooked a little more. I won't mind neglecting such minor disappointments as the grilled fish served afterward won an extra point for the way it melted in my mouth.

Thereafter, I paced towards the main course.

Choosing one thing from the never-ending list of dishes divided into different sections – Medieval Delhi, Century Delhi, New Delhi, Local Love Offering and more – was difficult. However, I settled for Butter Chicken on Chef's recommendation. The alluring aroma of the chicken served with butter naan, took my sense of smell to new heights. With a strong taste of tomatoes and a creamy texture, it was a treat to my taste buds.

While I enjoyed my meal, Chef Kusha enlightened me about the USP of this restaurant. "We understand that this place symbolises the amalgamation of different cultures, and that is why we have something – from spicy Indian food to Continental dishes – for everyone who comes here. But the USP of this restaurant is the Dehlvi food which included Nehari, Biryani and a lot more."

Coming back to the food... because my stomach couldn't take more, I decided to give a sweet ending to my meal with a portion of Rabri - served with Falooda.

I would suggest all those looking to satiate their hunger pangs at the wee hours, to visit Sheraton.

Syeda Eba

Syeda Eba

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