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Sapna wants to explore 'grey characters'

In a fun chat, the actor talks about her role in ‘Inside Edge 2’, possibility of ‘The Trip 3’ happening anytime soon and what more she is looking forward to in her career

Be it Kiran in '24', Ria in 'Breathe' or the much-loved Sanjana in 'The Trip', Sapna Pabbi has always played the 'sweet' characters in which she was very comfortable.

"I am tired of playing sweet girl all the time. The dimples are even tired. Now, I would want to do comedy, action, and something other than just being sweet and smiling," complained Sapna, who wants to explore the 'grey characters'.

She is currently seen as 'Mantra' in the second part of Amazon Prime series 'Inside Edge'.

On being asked about the role she is playing, the actor said that she is the only one who cannot say much about her presence in the show. But what she can reveal is that she is very closely connected to two very important characters.

"Mantra is definitely a lot lighter compared to other people on the screen. She is not all the evil, manipulative, she does not have an agenda apart from learning," revealed Pabbi, adding, "A lot of my co-actors describe 'Mantra' as little lost naïve lamb."

Drawing a contrast between all the characters she has played and her new avtar as 'Mantra', Sapna said that the major transformation in this role was the way she dressed up. "I have never dressed so much. In 'Breathe' I am quite Boho-Indian, in 'The Trip' I am a Boho-Indian again and in '24' I am a teenager. Here, I am very prim and proper – rich, privileged."

But who is Sapna more like – neat as Mantra or hippie as her other characters?

"I surely am the hippie one. I love wearing ripped jeans, messy buns or leaving my tresses open," she replied.

The only thing Sapna could relate with her new role was the kind of education they both have in common. Just like Sapna, even Mantra went to study abroad.

Sapna mentioned the fact that her journey has been great – where she has learned a lot, made many mistakes, been given a lot.

There are many actors who agree to the fact that advent of OTT platforms has shaped their career, helped them grow and offered them the opportunity to try something new.

The actor who is currently appearing in third series with Amazon Prime says that though series have played a vital role in making her who she is today, even a film like Drive has been of great help to her career. "I think I love OTT and it also loves me back," Sapna shared.

What is the best thing OTT offers her as an actor? "I am getting to do content that I like, not just the 'heroin roles'. It is more about the 'female stories'. It gives more detailed description and goes in-depth in the stories of different characters – probably just because of the long format," she answered.

Sapna thinks that this platform has even shaped a lot of careers – writers, filmmakers, and even for that matter the audience.

"Even the audience gets a plethora of web shows and films to binge watch. Just name the genre and you get it."

But it was hard to talk about her career and not ask if the third season of 'The Trip' is coming up. And, even she was really excited to talk about the show which she said "has given her the lifetime girl gang". "I don't know what's happening with the third part of the show, but me and my girls are a solid gang now. Ever since that show happened, we float everywhere together. Maybe we might do something in future too."

Does it mean that she wants to work with her gang, even if it is not for 'The Trip'? "Of course I want" the answer came readily, but keeping in mind the respective careers they have and how busy their schedule it, Sapna said that they would have to sit and work out something.

"We would love that and I think we are looking forward to it."

Concluding the conversation, she disclosed that she wants to meet the makers of Go Goa Gone and ask them to cast her in the sequel they are 'likely' working on.

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