Saha Textile: Reviving rich textile traditions

Saha Textile: Reviving rich textile traditions

"Upholding a great historical memory, Barasat has acquired a different place in the map of West Bengal. Many unforgettable persons like Vidyasagar, Pyaricharan Sarkar, Ramsundar Mitra, Kalikrishna Mitra made Barasat the center of all their praiseworthy activities. It is a town which is remarkable for the footprints of those eminent personalities. And it's a privilege for us as Saha Textile – our organization, as well as a long cherished-dream, is established in Haritala – the heart of Barasat," said Kanti Saha, Proprietor, Saha Textile

"The indomitable spirit, incomparable courage, honesty and above all, my mother's blessings have made a big silent movement which is nothing but our unbelievable journey. Starting with only 175 sq. ft. space and one employee, and successfully expanding it to an area of 35,000 sq ft and 600 employees, the journey has been phenomenal. Our increasing improvement is undoubtedly the consequence of your heartiest love and cooperation. The strong faith in our ceaseless hard work and honesty makes Saha Textile an open horizon of dormant expectation," added Kanti Saha,

Saha Textiles holds a number of organizational activities including Mother's day. The aim is to bring smiles to the faces of those distressed and worried mothers who deserve all the happiness in this world.

The mass initiation ceremony is another finest effort taken in collaboration with Nikhil Bharat Ruprabha Brahmin Sammittee to spread a lot of spiritual happiness among people.

"'Bonfonta' is the latest addition to our social activities. Breaking traditional custom, it enlightens the spiritual blessings for brothers. At dusk of the next day to Maha Dashami they organize the glorious Vermilion play between mother and daughter distributing sweets among all in order to make the way colourful during the departure of Maa Durga, he said.

The revival of creativity and culture in the field of textile industry is what Saha aspires. "Our attempt is to undertake cottage industry through weaving technology. Also, re-establishment of glorious past tradition in weaving industries is our only mission. With innovative movement in the field of industrial enterprise, let it be pronounced everywhere. Bengal will again occupy the best position all over India. Bengal is our motherland – our golden dream. Let the victory chariot of cottage industry be moved forward out of the doors in Bengal in collaboration with 'Saha Textile'," he added.

Their only aim in future is to impart proper training to the unemployed with food and lodging totally free of cost at the place offered by Barasat Municipality. The next step is to build "Shilpa Pather Dabi" – an earnest attempt to make the unemployed youth fully efficient for a job by creating huge spaces for employment. After the completion of the course, the novice trainees can join their organization.

The purpose is to uphold 'Karma yoga' and thus root out the cursed unemployment from the society. Apart from that this industry even contributes to the industrial output, export and employment sectors of the city. West Bengal can potentially emerge as a major textile hub with the state government unveiling plans for more than a dozen textile parks.

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