Safety wear for bikers turned stylish

Safety wear for bikers turned stylish
The image of bikers has gone through a whole rollercoaster ride with their safety gear turning stylish. From leather jackets and patches to a plethora of colours available, experts explain how such accesssories have got a makeover.
Expert say that biking gear has become a fashion statement and the number of options for serious bikers has increased too.
Here is the list of trends in safety gear:
Patches that are all the rage now, have also found their way on to biking gear, whether it is jackets, pants, gloves, or even boots. These can be iron on, pin on, or sew on patches and are available in designs pertaining to a rider's interest.
Earlier most of the accessories were only available in sombre and plain black, however, as the protective riding gear has gained a fashion cult status there are more colours, designs and shapes available.
A biker clad in leather pants would give off the vibes of a seasoned professional rider. Buy one that looks good with the rest of your accessories and the bike.
A rider wearing leather boots looks like he means business. Consider factors like length, material, colour and design detailing before buying one.
A good way to style your attire is by going choosing the same brand for all your gear, so that there is a natural cohesiveness in the look, and it doesn't look like a mishmash of uncoordinated pieces.
There is a great demand today for armours among the riders, as this protective gear has gained the status of a fashion statement.
Leather jackets with stronger design elements are doing better. The riders today are looking at unique designs and aesthetics are almost as important to them as the function.
Helmets have gone through a design revolution. A great variety in design, shape, stickers and artwork has been spoiling the customer for choices these days.


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