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Ritviz is an EDM artist and musician who took internet by storm when he released his hit track "Udd Gaye" in association with Bacardi and AIB. He garnered his fan following slowly and steadily and has become one of the hottest EDM artists in the country.

What's your favourite food?

I'm a totally desi guy. Began ka bharta combined with dal chawal is my favourite.

Your favourite holiday destination?

If within India, it has to be Goa. If abroad, it is Australia – Sydney and Melbourne

Two artists you would love to work with?

Major Lazer, especially with Diplo. Another artist I would love to work with is Valentino Khan.

What are your hobbies?

I'm a big-time movie buff. Joker being my recent favourite. I also enjoy writing apart from lyrics of my songs. I also love to draw.

What is your breakthrough moment?

It was the release of my song 'Mukti' in 2014. That song put me on the map from being nobody to somebody in the EDM world.

What are your treasures in this short rise?

Family and friends. Its good to have people who would support and hold your back irrespective of whatever the situation – even on your highs as well as low.

One secret not many of your fans know?

I dropped out of school in Class 11. But I urge you should keep education as a backup in case you don't succeed financially with your passion.

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