Revival story of Vimor sarees

Revival story of Vimor sarees

An exhibition on Vimor's 45-year journey of documenting, reviving and supporting hand-loom weavers was recently inaugurated by Jasleen Dhamija, veteran Indian textile art historian, crafts expert and former UN advisor.

The exhibition, open to the public until July 17 at the Art Gallery, Kamaladevi Complex, IIC is presented by Pavithra Muddaya.

It presents old textile samples and photographs; old/antique sarees and the newly revised versions of the sarees; the revival of designs and techniques; and the success story of the weavers.

Dealing in the manufacturing and selling of traditional sarees, 'Vimor' officially started in 1974 by Late Chimy Nanjappa and her daughter Pavithra Muddaya.

Late Chimy Nanjappa's love for textile and handicrafts was a long journey filled with commitment and passion which began from the time she was the first manager of Cauvery, the state handicrafts emporium of Karnataka.

Her skills and sense of aesthetics created a loyal clientele which resulted in her registering a business along with her daughter Pavithra, and 'Vimor' formally began in 1974 post the untimely demise of Chimy's husband.

Over the years, the word of mouth drew in people from all walks of life as customers. It would not be boastful to mention that customers ranged from the past Presidents, Prime ministers, Governors, heads of the Armed services, eminent artists, designers and activists. A vast majority of her customers were Indian women from different fields and regions.

Pavithra's work has been the primarily designing development and guidance of the weavers, apart from documenting motifs, techniques, designs and oral history. Her speciality has been in reviving forgotten designs and motifs.

She participated and curated handloom textiles for the "India – South Africa Shared History" exhibition in Johannesburg by Teamworks Events and recently addressed different groups across the U.S.A and Canada, and also the department of S.E. Asian studies at the Iowa University.

Today, Vimor welcomes the third generation of Pavithra's children, Vipra and Arup, who bring a breath of new air.

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