Revealing God's message

Revealing Gods message

Centered around the theme of communication with God, a group painting, photography, and sculpture exhibition titled 'The Revelation' is going on until July 15 at the Gandhi Art Gallery, New Delhi.

The show which talks about revelation, communication with God and communication with the physical world exhibits the works of 22 artists who have expertise in different sections of art.

Anshu Chandra, Christina Dipamoni, Himansh Sang, KalpanaTambe, Kumud Grover, Kusum Jain, Maneerasht Kampipop, Maria Margarita, Nicoletta DiBucci, Paramita Sarkar are few names whose work is on display

Speaking of the selection criteria, Iqbal Krishna, the curator, and organiser of the exhibition states, "In this series, the idea is to focus on the intense human thoughts and therefore we selected artists who mastered this thought."

"This series is part of my 'Deep Thinkers' series, in which various human thought, in the form of mathematical equations, quotes, definitions, musical scores, etc are presented on the canvas. These pieces approach the topic of abstract in art by depicting a zen-like transcendent bridge between conceptual thinking and consciousness. These two contrasts are united by a careful use of curious colour series of satisfying equations."

Iqbal seeks inspiration from Geeta, Quran, and Bible, and coincidently got a vision to curate an exhibition that talks about the almighty's message to his people. Therefore, to spread the message of god, he approached artists from across the globe.

He believes in the idea of uniting the artists across the world who have similar thinking and similar attitude towards the present scenarios.

For example, artist Sudha Jhunjhunwala's work is centered around birds. Through her art, she wants to spread the message that women desire to be free like birds but are trapped in the hands of men.

Whereas Swati's painting talks about how mental peace is the most difficult thing to find in modern times. If one wishes to find it, he/she needs to find the true meaning of his/her existence.

Iqbal believes,"With his imagination and creativity, an artist can draw his thoughts on the canvas or other mediums like sculpture or art installation or photography".

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