Reliving 90s with Aladdin

The culture of representing the story via musical performances – which started from New York – comes to India with Aladdin and his friend Ginni. The two will take us to the magical world of Agrabah.

A pinch of technology is all you need to make things more interesting for today's generation.

That's exactly what Disney's Aladdin – Broadway-style theatrical experience attempts to do for their audience. 'Aladdin' – the most favourite cartoon character of our childhood, makes a comaback to Delhi along with his friend 'Ginni', spreading their magic through musical performances.

Being one of those stories which probably every 90s kid is familiar with, the challenge of presenting Aladdin in its most authentic form, while keeping up the entertainment quotient is quite a difficult task.

On which, Shruti Sharma, the director of the show says, "More than a challenge, it was a responsibility to remain true to the iconic characters of Disney while depicting them on the stage. Indeed, Disney's Aladdin is a universal story which is extremely close to everyone's hearts. Therefore we had to pay attention to the smallest details."

Shruti reveals that the toughest part while executing the show was to do justice with the expectations of audience who have grown up watching and knowing the story so well.

"Disney's Aladdin has some very talented people working both on-stage and behind the stage. There are many magical moments on the stage, and of course, there is a magic carpet which is one of the many highlights of the show. Everything right from costumes, makeup, sets, lighting, to choreography and music is impeccable and will amaze the audiences the moment they step inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium", she elaborates further.

The culture of representing story via musical performances started from New York and now with all the enthusiasm, it has come to life in India with 450 costumes, and 14 locations depicted on stage by 50 performers.

Produced and organised by BookMyShow, the show has been entertaining people in different cities across the country

Shruti who describes the whole journey as "magical" says, "Disney's Aladdin, the classic fantasy production, has already enchanted audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan."

"It is, in fact, one of the bestselling musicals and its producers have taken home multiple Grammy Awards, Tony Awards and Academy Awards."

"India is a growing market and is always looking for different entertainment experiences and hence the decision of presenting it here was taken," she adds.

The musical is re-imagined for the Indian stage and includes foot-tapping music, dazzling choreography and stellar performances, taking the audiences through a myriad of emotions.

Talking about the Indian adaptation of the story, the director states, "This show has been developed with local talent to enhance its appeal without losing the essence of the original Broadway show."

Speaking about the response of the audience, Shruti happy tells that before coming to the Capital, the show was premiered in Mumbai this summer.

She says, "We opened to sold-out shows for the musical and received overwhelming love and appreciation from Mumbai where over 30,000 people witnessed the spectacular performance."

The cast of the show includes talented actors like Siddharth Menon (Aladdin), Taaruk Raina (Aladdin), Kira Narayanan (Jasmine), Mantra (Genie), and Vikrant Chaturvedi (Jafar).

With ever so famous songs such as 'Friend Like Me' and 'A Whole New World', it is a celebration of love between Aladdin and Jasmine as well as the friendship with Genie.

Though every element in the performance is a pleasant surprise, the character of Aladdin – played by Siddharth Menon is the eye-candy of the show.

Elaborating on how he prepared for his role he says, "I have watched the film Aladdin so many times. It's a story that has stayed with me all through my childhood. I was so thrilled when I was offered the role. It's very rare that you get to play a character that has been so close to your heart. I almost didn't believe it until the rehearsals started. It was absolutely a dream come true."

The team which has experimented by introducing Hindi – a secret code language between Aladdin and Genie – describes it as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'.

According to them, the musical boasts of extravagant sets, well-choreographed sequences, mesmerizing special effects, and transports the audience into the magical world of Agrabah.

The show has something for everyone– from magic, comedy, drama to romance, and dance.

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