Quick beauty hacks for working girls

Quick beauty hacks for working girls
People will tell you beauty is pain. The pain could be the ache of having hot wax pulling out body hair from their very roots or extremely detailed late night and early morning beauty regimes. Well, we know that it is hard to keep up with your life and give your skin the care it deserves. And so, Bhavya Sharma, Beauty expert at Urban Clap, compiled a cheat sheet of easy beauty hacks that can help you put yourself together in a jiffy:
4Pulled another all-nighter? Use a white or a light eyeliner (according to your skin tone) to hide any lingering tiredness/puffiness and really make your eyes pop.
4Get winged eyes with this simple trick. Pull out your credit card or place a transparent tape along the line of your lower eyelid. Now apply the liner by extending it alongside the card placed or the tape, and then remove them. Voila! Your winged eyes are ready.
4Don't own a matte lipstick? There is an easy trick to get the same effect with a gel or liquid lip color. Apply any one from amongst of your favourite lipsticks, and then dab some face powder over it and there you go! Your matte lips are ready.
4Want to get rid of your split ends? Here is a quick and easy method. Twist a portion of your hair into a spiral. Trim along the side of the spiral twist, and get rid of all the split ends and unhealthy hair.
4To make your hair look thicker, brush a little eye shadow on the scalp in the area of your hair parting.
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