Pull off all gold jewellery look with make-up

Trends in fashion are constantly changing but gold jewellery will remain a classic . When most people think about an all gold jewellery look, they typically imagine a seemingly heavy yellow gold attire but gold comes in many hues that can be appropriately styled for different occasions. Experts list down tips on how to select the perfect jewellery pieces to compliment your make-up.

Hues of gold: When wearing yellow gold jewellery, be sure to opt for an overall bold look. Go with dark eyes and a bold red lip. Go easy on the bronzer as you would not want it to clash with the gold jewellery.

When wearing rose gold pieces, keep your attire delicate and trendy. Pair subtle pieces in rings, pendants and drop earrings with a makeup palette that is closer to you natural skin to achieve a classy and elegant attire. White gold jewellery pieces are elegant and subtle.

Heavy or dainty jewellery: The first rule while compiling a look is to ensure that the focus remains on one aspect of your attire. If you are wearing a heavy neck piece and elaborate earrings, ensure the makeup is subtle so the focus remains on your beautiful jewels. When wearing dainty earrings or stackable rings or layered necklaces, one can go with a bold approach in makeup. Apply heavy eye makeup and complementary bold colours on the lip.

Nude make-up: The natural, nude or no makeup look is definitely trending this season. This kind of makeup is toned down, and uses colour that are closer to your true skin tone. Because your face is almost bare, you can bring in colour with bright gemstones and enamel encrusted trinkets, set in gold. The gold adds the right amount of shine, balancing the neutral makeup, so don't be afraid to experiment and go all out

Dewy make-up: Think dewy fresh skin, flushed cheeks and pink lips—this makeup look is an all-time favourite of makeup lovers. This look should be complemented by jewellery. Opt for a delicate gold chain or neck piece studded with coloured gemstones.

All eye need eye shadow palette to add a colour pop to your look. Highlight the inner corner of the eyes using the highlighter from the palette.



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