Protect your hair from winter damage

Protect your hair from winter damage
Seasonal climatic conditions are back to the winter chill, bringing along the never-ending list of skin problems which include pigmentation, conspicuous fine wrinkle lines, rashes, broken skin, and dullness. Speaking on how to deal with such problems, Dr Naresh Arora, Founder, Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics, says, "In this scenario, our prudence is in opting for more natural skin care products which are non-allergic in nature. Here are some more tips from him which can be of great help.
4 Cleanse your face with natural rose water or aroma water of lavender, chamomile or neroli aroma oils. 4 Scrub your face with oatmeal powder mixed with almond, orange peel powder and half drop of sandalwood or frankincense oil.
4 Prepare nourishing facial cream with sandalwood, cardamom or neroli aroma oils to bring back the lost facial glow, instantly.
4 Face pack made out of milk powder or whey, mixed with one-tenth of a drop of patchouli aroma oils helps to overcome extra sensitiveness of the skin.
Just like our skin, hair and its roots also suffer due to chilly winds and tend to become rough, frizzy, extra dry. On the top of that, hot shower takes away the sebum as well as the scalp oil. To save your hair from getting damaged, avoid indulging in hot baths for long durations. Here are certain other tips suggested by Dr Naresh:
4 Never try to use intense conditioning shampoos since those may contain silicon-based conditioners which deposit in cuticles and makes your hair heavy and unhealthy. It is always advisable to wash your hair at an interval of 2-3 days interval.
4 You may try egg albumin pack, curd pack and even hot oil massage on weekly basis.
4 Use anti-dandruff shampoos only if you have scalp dandruff. The best way is to use it on alternate days followed by some good hair conditioner.
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