Prosenjit plans road film on journey of three women

Prosenjit plans road film on journey of three women
Prosenjit Chatterjee, Tollywood actor, producer, director, is launching a new film based on the story of a journey undertaken by three women, belonging to three different ages and generations, in search of life.
Road movies are very popular in Hollywood and Bollywood, but this is happening for the first time in Bengali films. Uronchondi is a complete road movie that will be shot on the roads from Purulia to Kolkata with twists and turns in between.
The main character in the movie is a lorry, with the help of which, three women of three different generations escape from their home to live independently. Rajnandini Paul, who is playing the 18-year-old girl, Sudipta Chakraborty, playing the mid 30's woman and Chitra Sen playing the mid 60's widow are the three main characters in the movie. Amartya Ray(son of ChaitiGhoshal)is playing a major character.
Abhisheik Saha, is the director of the movie with the background of ad filmmaking. He is directing a movie for the first time.
Soumik Halder is the cinematographer and Debojyoti Mishra will compose the music and will do the background score.
Music will play a very important role in the movie.
Produced by Nideas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd, the shooting will start from February 18 at Purulia.
The script is being written by Sudeep Das. It is the flow of story and its uniqueness, that makes it stand apart.
Chatterjee is involved in the entire process of the movie, like he always does for any of the movie from his production house. He is giving special attention to the creative part.
The film will be sent to major film festivals once it is made.
Nandini Guha

Nandini Guha

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