Play with make-up at every age

Play with make-up at every age
Make-up is not only a great way to conceal one's flaws but also to enhance your facial features. It is getting ready for the world with the same confidence and flaunting oneself Make-up varies from one age group to another so that you can try and experiment as per the trends. Here are few make-up tips given by Aashmennn Munjaal, make-over expert and director of star salon and academy, to look beautiful at every age.
Make-up trends for 20's
In our 20's, skin is in its best form and you don't need to put much effort. You don't need to apply a heavy layer of foundation.
Just clean your face well with a good cleanser and dab on some moisturizer.
Put on mascara and curl your eye lashes. It will simply make your eyes look bigger and popped out.
Take the benefit of your age, and play with different hues, from fuchsia pink to deep coral and deep red to ruby woo.
Make-up trends for 30's
During the 30's the skin starts to lose its elasticity and moisture. So, religiously apply a good quality moisturizer.
You can include contouring tools in your make-up to give proper definition to your facial features.
Use a good quality concealer to hide the dark circles, and patchy skin.
Highlight your eyes by using light bronze or light golden eye shadow.
Make up Trends for 40's
After reaching this age, skin starts to lose its radiance. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.
Instead of using only black colored liners and mascara, use white eye pencil on the waterlines of your eyes as it will make your eyes look bigger.
Play with colors; don't be petrified to experiment with your hair. You can highlight your tresses
Use a good quality concealer and add pink tone blush to color to your cheeks.


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