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Nursery Admission 2020: Competition for the coveted seat

Nursery Admission 2020: Competition for the coveted seat

Ever since Directorate of Education has announced important dates for Nursery Admission 2020 in the capital city, the process is gaining momentum with each passing day and parents want to leave no stone unturned to fetch their eligible child a seat at the nursery classroom in one school of their choice and reach.

Going by the current date and time, Nursery admission have reached at par with cut-throat competition of any TIER 1 medical or engineering college; the only difference is the student seeking admission is oblivion to the challenges and is certainly not going through the dreaded mental pressure and stress. The onus fully rests on the parent's shoulder.

Painstaking process of admission form submission

This year, when we initiated the hunt for a school, we gathered reviews and feedback, both online and offline. After assessing the criterion and thereon shortlisting a couple of them, we arrived at the subsequent step of filling form. Every school has a unique form which differs from another and contains a long list of mandatory documents required to be submitted along with the form. While some accepted online submission of the forms by a registration link provided at the website of the school, others asked for going through the manual route which means paying a visit at the school and physically submit documents at the counter.

The reason cited was 'due to the technical glitches of their payment gateways which they are unable to troubleshoot'. It took me one full day to manoeuvre sub city of Dwarka to submit just one application form and I have applied for a minimum of ten schools. The simplicity of a step (submitting forms) is turning out to be so painstaking.

Malfunctioning system

To affirm a confirmed seat for the child, I visited a renowned school in the hope of getting clarity about the matter, where I was told that although the school will be left with a minimum of 2 seats to be filled after the lucky draw is out and the authorities would made quota consideration as well, they are helpless to admit him the child. The point system of 70 is reserved for students who passes the criterion of 'Distance Slab' of 800 metres or neighbourhood category.

"Given that you are a resident of Sector which falls in the radius of 2 kms away from the school, we are sorry," said the Counsellor of a reputed school in the Sub-city of Dwarka. Despondent on hearing these words, I made another attempt in the hope of turning situation in my favour.

"As a special case, we can reconsider. I suggest you a way out. You may create a fake evidence of your rental agreement closer to the school and submit a donation fee of INR 10 Lakh. We can help you secure the seat in our prestigious school," the counsellor added.

It just broke my heart and shook my faith in sanctity of imparting education to a child who is so unaware of the worldly ways when I witnessed the process steering towards a business deal. It was convincing enough for me to leave at the spot and never come back again. For me, to donate a hefty sum of money is not a matter of affordability but becoming a part of system malfunction and utilising it for personal advantage.

Is it prudent to re-consider decision?

If my child is not making through the lucky draw list, what are my options to consider? To abide by and follow the hefty donation demands of school that may even go to the extent of donating a school Van.

My question is – Why is it called Donation? Donation is a sum of money which one pays through choice, out of willingness. It's an extortion. Demanding a hefty sum of money or some other form of asset in lieu of one seat.

If I think of revising my decision of placing the child in a nearby Primary school which caters to the pre-primary level of education, what is the guarantee of not going through the ordeal when we know with each elevating level the admission process keeps on getting tougher. So clearly, one can't make it a case of delayed gratification too. What you must suffer later, better go through it now.

Today, as I prep for the admission of 32 month child at home, I want to wish Good Luck to the eligible parents who are undergoing the process or those who have already initiated and completed the turmoil and now eagerly waiting for January 24, 2020 when they will know if the child has made it to the first list of selected kids.

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