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New addition to your book shelf

New addition to your book shelf

I n his book 'Hindi Power in the 21st century' author François Gautier explains at length all along, how Hindu power is absolutely secular in essence, as Hindus have always accepted the diversity of the divine and thus every persecuted religion found refuge in India – from the Jews to the Parsis, from the Armenians to the Tibetans today. Also, it has been a one-way traffic and Hindus have been at the receiving end of Islamic violence and Christian missionaries to convert them – and this is why Hindus must take power – and keep it.

Francois is one of the few Western journalists and writers to defend Hindus because he thinks that they are the holders of the last knowledge that can save the World: 'who am I, why live, what is death, what is an avatar, what is karma, what is dharma,' etc.

Gautier was born in Paris, France, and was South India correspondent for Le Figaro, one of France's leading newspapers. He has written several books, amongst the latest: Apprendre à Souffler (Hachette Marabout, 2016), Nouvelle Histoire de l'Inde (Editions de l'Archipel, 2017), In Defence of a Billion Hindus (Har-Anand Publications, New Delhi 2018), Les mots du Dernier Dalai Lama (Flammarion, Paris, 2018) and a yet to be published Encyclopaedia of Ayurveda (Flammarion 2020)

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