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Naresh Chandra's salute to the indomitable spirit of IAS officers

Naresh Chandras salute to the indomitable spirit of IAS officers

'What Ails the IAS and Why it Fails to Deliver' was released at an event held at India International Centre, New Delhi. The book by SAGE Publications India, was unveiled by Chief Guest B K Chaturvedi, Former Cabinet Secretary, GOI.

The release was followed by a panel discussion featuring, M K Venu, Founding Editor, The Wire, B K Chaturvedi, Former Cabinet Secretary, Government of India, Manisha Priyam, Political Analyst, Researcher and Academic and author Naresh Chandra Saxena.

Speaking at the occasion, author Naresh Chandra Saxena said, "Let me say at the outset that contradictory to title, my book is full of admiration for the IAS officers as individuals. They are very hardworking, competent men of integrity. The recent resignations by a few IAS officers prove that the moral fiber within the IAS is still very strong. I have described, in detail, many instances that occur in the life of an IAS officer, without any moral judgement at any point. Because the book is about the professional qualities of the IAS and how do they function as a 'system', and how they achieve their results."

B K Chaturvedi remarked, "The book is full of very interesting anecdotes on interface with politicians, self-introspection and suggestion on reforming the governance system. It also emphasizes the need for administrative reforms including stable tenures, accountability, effective monitoring and information system and capacity building. A very compelling call for systemic change"

MK Venu applauded the book by saying, "The title itself is self-explanatory. This subject has been debated for a decade in recent times and there have been many books published, but this book is a brutally honest account of the experiences of Dr N C Saxena who can be described as a bureaucrat and an academician who has worked in key positions in the


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