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Mosambi Narangi: A comic yet poignant tale

Mosambi Narangi: A comic yet poignant tale

What happens when two distinctive worlds collide? A small village in the Banaras Ghats is the location for a star-studded Bollywood movie shoot. This sets the stage for Aadyam's next play: 'Mosambi Narangi', translated from the award-winning Stones In His Pockets.

Very well-known theatre director Mohit Takalkar directs this one-of-a-kind play about hopes and broken dreams, complete with odd ball characters, witty humour and emotional turmoil.

Speaking about the process of this play, Takalkar said, "What starts off as a simple tale of simple people, Mosambi Narangi slowly shifts to become a poignant story of life, with multiple themes of aspiration, loss and exploitation. The writing is the star of this piece and is woven effectively and skillfully into the fabric of Indian life.Being a two-hander, the actors have to carry the play entirely on their shoulders, that too without any aid, relying solely on their bodies and voices. This makes it a theatrical wonder."

Mosambi Narangi, which stars Rajit Kapur and Ajeet Singh Palawat, opens at Kamani Auditorium on November 2 as part of 'Aadyam'.

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