Mind over Matter

Gear up to witness Nicolai Friedrich, a mentalist and illusionist, who will be presenting a show at Orana Conventions, India Culture Centre, on Sunday.

Mind over Matter
He can bend spoons with his stare and produce a suitcase full of currency notes out of nowhere. Nicolai Friedrich's illusionism blurs the lines between science and mystery, perfecting a technique that incorporates classic magic and new creations of his own. His skill as a mentalist is an amalgamation of visual artistry, fantastic comedy and refreshing mind games that are guaranteed to blow your mind. With apparent effortlessness, Nicolai breaks the laws of nature.
This Sunday, people in Gurugram can expect mind reading and spectacular illusions when Nicolai takes the centre stage at a show organised by AGP World at Orana Conventions, India Culture Centre. In a free-wheeling conversation with Shreya Das, the famed German magician and mentalist talk about his profession and his performance in Gurugram. Excerpts:
What is mental magic?
Mental Magic is a special discipline of magic. Mentalists do not use big boxes (this is the illusionist) or make white rabbits appear out of top hats (that`s the magician's job) but instead, they try to enter our most sacred place, our mind. Mental Magic is a mixture of psychology, suggestion and magic. It has nothing to do with supernatural powers though it seems to look like that. Mentalism is a special discipline of Magic. There are amazing experiences only magic can produce and there are mind-blowing moments which can only be achieved by Mental Magic. So I consider it as a chance to create a much versatile and much more stunning and magical experience if I combine these arts together.
How is being a mentalist as a profession?
It's great to amaze people all over the world and inspire them to think outside of the box by showing them that seemingly impossible things are possible!
What goes behind being a mentalist?
You need to have a genuine interest in how the human mind works and this is challenging because we are all different!
What's your backstory?
At age four, I saw a magician perform in a circus. I was completely taken aback and startled. I decided to become a magician myself. I don't really remember what tricks he performed but the first illusion I remember and performed myself was a levitation of a ball together with a 'vanish and reappearance act' in a little vase. That's how it all began and as they say, the rest is history!
What is the difference between traditional magic and being a mentalist?
A mentalist will not ask you to pick a card but just to think of one. Besides magical principles, the Mentalist uses psychological tricks and principles as well as the power of suggestion. With these methods, he can hack people's minds and apparently read their thoughts or even influence them.
What can we expect from you during your performance on November 26?
I promise an unforgettable experience with WOW factor. My show is a unique mixture of visual illusions and mind-blowing mental magical experiments. The audience members will not only watch the show but become a part of it. Besides the demonstration of lie detection or reading body language, I will give some insights about how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. But be aware: Secret thoughts may be revealed so please be careful about what you are thinking!
What/Who is your inspiration?
I think one of my earliest inspirations was the old Star Wars Movies. I always wanted to become a Jedi. After I realized this may be difficult I decided to come at least close to it by becoming a magician (Laughs). However, I admire magicians like David Copperfield or Mentalists like Derren Brown.
Shreya Das

Shreya Das

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