Mela Phulkari: Celebrating art, culture and music

Mela Phulkari: Celebrating art,   culture and music
After the four successful seasons of Mela Phulkari, an annual festival to celebrate art, culture, and music, Delhi has equally excited to witness the fifth season.
For Harinder Singh and his wife Kirandeep Kaur, Phulkari revivalists and co-founders of conceptual brand 1469, Mela Phulkari is an immersive experience. The past four seasons of the festival, curated by art consultant Dr Alka Pande, highlight Punjab in the most beautiful manner.
In the first season of Mela Phulkari, Workshop 1469 introduced handicrafts of Punjab, whereas the second edition focused on the five rivers of the state. The third edition investigated the embroidery traditions and the fourth one was centered around calligraphy, i.e. the beauty of the Gurmukhi script, bringing in a new visual language. This year, the Mela returns to the Visual Gallery India Habitat Centre from February 10 to 19 with Panj Pyaaras - The Five Loves. February 10 saw the inauguration with a cultural show at the Amphitheatre IHC, Delhi. In attendance were filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, Australian High Commissioner Harinder K Sidhu, MS Gill, Marykay Loss Carlson, member of senior foreign service with the rank of minister counselor, Deputy Chief of Mission, at the US Embassy. Enthralling performances by singer Rabbi Shergill, legendary folk singer Gurmeet Bawa, and Jassi Jasbir along with foot tapping presentation by 'Sardars of Sangrur', folk artist group who plays 21 traditional Punjabi instruments were worth appreciating.
From Panchranga - five colours, Panchtattvas -the five elements, five takhats of Sikhism, five beloved ones to five sacred Sikh symbols - Panj Kakars Panchguna - five virtues, viz sat (Truth), santokh (Contentment), daya (Compassion), nimrata (Humility) and pyare (Love), five evils (Vikaar) that include kaam (Lust), krodh (Anger), lobh (Greed), moh (Attachment), and hankaar (Ego), fifth edition of the festival explores multiple symbols. Art Show will be on at the Open Palm Gallery, IHC till February 19. symbols. Art Show will be on at the Open Palm Gallery, IHC till February 19.
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