Master the art of cleaning fine jewellery

Master the art of cleaning fine jewellery
Try to keep fine jewellery pieces in an airtight box and place silica pads to protect them from moisture, say experts.
4It is important to keep your jewellery in a moisture resistant container. Try to avoid wearing these precious jewels when you go under the sun or walk in the rain as it may lose its glow in a very short time.
4To protect your jewellery from getting tarnished, gently wipe off body oil and cosmetic creams after each wearing. Prefer soft cotton or muslin cloth to clean and polish the jewellery. If your skin is oily, do not wear jewellery all the time as the perspiration can tarnish it. To avoid corrosion or discolouration, you can apply an absorbent powder, without zinc oxide, on the moist skin areas. Wash your jewellery in mild soapy water or with the help of cleaning solution.
4If you want your jewellery to look new always, save it from chemicals, sea salt, alcohol, vinegar and chlorine – for example from a swimming pool or hot water tub. Don't apply perfumes, lotions, hairsprays or make-up after you've worn the jewellery as it may discolour the jewels. Remove your adornments before cleaning, bathing, swimming, gardening and exercising.
4Jewellery with pearls and gemstones are very delicate and hence handled with extra care. When not in use, store them very carefully in an airtight pouch or a jewellery box otherwise they can develop cracks easily.
4For an unplanned vacation, there are some simple tricks that can save your precious jewellery from getting tangled and shredded. Toilet paper rolls are a great way to organise your jewelleries at home or even on the go.
4Put your bracelets, handcuffs around the roll, pin your earrings on the side and insert your necklaces by the hole. Whereas plastic wraps used to pack burgers and sandwiches can work wonders while keeping your necklaces and bracelets safe during the holiday.


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